Driving sustainable mobility, for everyone

Enel X Way aims to develop the world of electric mobility and innovation

The journey towards the global transformation of mobility

Technologies, solutions and tools for a cleaner and smarter world

Enel X Way is the child of an idea that is now a reality: a more sustainable, cleaner world is possible. A world where the use of electricity and renewable sources can help improve people’s quality of life.


Within the electrical transition, we are setting out a roadmap that we can follow with our clients with joy and simplicity, guiding them towards a future in which electric mobility is at the center of the ecological transition and of a new way of living. This is all thanks to the innovation, vision and solidity of the Enel Group.


Our goal is to make sure that electricity can power any mobility need: urban and long distance, to move people and goods, for leisure or business trips, on the road and – why not? – even at sea or in the sky.

We are at the service of cities, companies and people to change the world of mobility. We develop charging infrastructures and services that are easy and intuitive, so everyone can manage the recharging of their electric vehicles directly from their smartphone. We also make our expertise available to companies and public administrative bodies, offering them consultancy services and support for the implementation of our technologies. 

We want to revolutionize mobility, supporting the creation of a new infrastructure and a new mindset that can help the countries where we work move in a new way.

Thanks to well-established involvement and collaboration with some of the most important events in eMotorsports, we promote the values of sustainability and respect for the environment, and test new solutions we can then transfer to everyone.