Our commitment to full electrification

Innovation and sustainability drive change

The future is right here, right now

Over the next decade, electrification will completely change the face of the automotive global market, which already counts 8 million electric vehicles in streets all around the world.


There can be no innovation without sustainability. This is the reasoning that has inspired the Enel Group since the beginning, and which now finds in Enel X Way a global platform that’s capable of supporting governments, lawmakers and communities in their shift towards the full electrification of transportation and consumption, thus reaching sustainable development goals. 

We create strategic partnerships with businesses, cities, local and national authorities, and together with them we are building a path to the energy transition and decarbonization. We think that technology is useful only if it improves people’s lives: that’s why we develop intelligent and sustainable solutions for the environment and for our daily activities.

This is why we are committed to developing services and infrastructures that further accelerate this process, creating sustainable value that can be and shared with everyone. This value can lead society closer to the objectives set for 2050 in terms of electrification and preservation of the environment and the climate.


Our model for technological development is based on the principles of the circular economy, which are well rooted in the sectors of electric mobility, energy efficiency and grid flexibility. With Enel X Way we are ready to push even further, so that everyone can have access to electric mobility. This is a type of mobility which, through a global platform that’s accessible to all, is not only ready for the road, but experiments in new areas such as boating or vertical takeoff flight systems.