JuiceBox: the home charging station

Recharge your electric vehicle at home, in a simple and safe way

Electric mobility at your fingertips, with JuiceBox

Our aim is to make the world of electric mobility better, easier and more accessible. In order to do this, we have developed a smart charging solution that is suitable for every need. JuiceBox is a home charging device that enables users to independently and safely recharge their electric vehicle directly from home. 


JuiceBox is easy to use, safe and smart: the station is available in three versions with different power capabilities, and can detect the consumption of other appliances connected to the home meter. In this way, the maximum available capacity is never exceeded. Furthermore, it is always connected to receive assistance, if and when necessary. 


The JuicePass app makes it possible to activate, program or monitor charging sessions directly via smartphone and, when necessary, to recharge even on public property using our worldwide network of charging stations. Simply go to the interactive map, with over 190,000 roadside charging stations, and plan your electric journey quickly and easily.


Download the JuicePass app to your device for free, from App Store or Google Play.