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Dynamic EV charging solutions for utilities

Start small and scale up. Enel X Way works with investor-owned and municipal utilities, electric cooperatives, CCAs and energy retailers across North America. Utilities with various levels of EV adoption can accelerate electrification in their service territories by partnering with Enel X Way to develop smart EV charging programs. Enel X Way works collaboratively to design end-to-end smart charging programs that meet your goals while staying within budget. From programs that can help reduce strain on the grid to providing customers in your service territory with high-quality, affordable EV chargers, our proven expertise across industries drives program results.

Benefits for customers & utilities

Our Enel X Way smart charging portfolio qualifies for dozens of utility EVSE incentives across North America as part of residential Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs and commercial Make-Ready infrastructure programs
Custom programs
Smart charging programs that make sense for your service territory and customer base
Monitor utility load and automate demand response events with JuiceNet Utility
Simple purchasing
Easy customer purchase process & account authentication for JuiceBox hardware purchased through your utility's marketplace

The perfect companion for your charging program

Bring accessible EV charging to your customers

FPL Branded JuiceBox

How can a utility marketplace grow EV adoption in our service area?

Utility marketplaces or web stores are gaining traction across the North American market. Guidehouse Research forecasts that global utility online energy marketplace revenue will grow from just over $118 million in 2020 to $468 million by 2029. At Enel X Way, we offer utilities, cooperatives, CCAs and generation and transmission customers a complete line of interoperable, hardware agnostic, OCPP compliant, smart grid electric vehicle charging solutions.


By having point-of-purchase data, we can benchmark EV adoption efforts, improve the customer rebate process, offer timely installation and activation, and provide customer support across programs. Our goal with JuiceBox Marketplace is to help utilities optimize their smart charging programs with a cost-effective go-to-market plan and EVSE-specific sales channel.

JuiceNet® Utility

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