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Everything drivers need to know about Jeep's electric vehicle lineup

Launching in early 2021, Jeep’s plug-in hybrid lineup brought electrification and greener pastures to Stellantis’ off-road SUV brand. Designated under the 4xe sub-brand, Jeep’s first plug-in electric vehicles the Wrangler 4xe and Grand Cherokee 4xe share a 17 kWh battery that can be charged with a compatible J1772 plug at a rate of 7.4 kWh.


Jeep isn’t stopping at PHEVs with plans to introduce four all-electric EVs by 2025, the American off-roading automaker is diving into EVs with all-electric versions of the Wrangler to be known as the Recon and their luxurious Grand Wagoneer that will adopt the Grand Wagoneer S moniker. Jeep plans for every model in their lineup will have an electrified variant of some sort by 2025.



Jeep plug-in hybrid models

Jeep Wrangler 4xe

Launched in 2021 to head off the new 4xe sub-brand of plug-in hybrids, the Jeep Wrangler 4xe takes one of the most recognizable and longest lasting nameplates and brings it into the modern electric age. In addition to maintaining all the ICE-models' off-roading capability, the 4xe model adds a 17 kWh battery to power the off-roader in all-electric mode for up to 22 miles. In comparison to its competitors in the Ford Bronco, the Wrangler 4xe is the only off-roading vehicle of its type with a plug-in hybrid option.


While the ICE-powered model can be had in 2-door or 4-doors, right hand drive (even in the US) and 13 different trim levels, the 4-door only 4xe model can be configured from a more manageable four trims: Willy’s, Sahara, Rubicon and High Altitude. Whichever trim you select, you’ll have access to one of the most widely available and modular accessory systems for off-roading and achieve an easy 49 MPGe.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe

Launching in 2022 alongside the regular wheelbase model, the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe brings the eco-friendly credentials of a plug-in hybrid to Jeep’s luxury midsize SUV. Sharing the 17 kWh battery with its smaller sibling, the Wrangler 4xe, the Grand Cherokee can achieve an all-electric range of 26 miles, four more than its off-road oriented sibling and can be charged with a J1772-compatible home charger.


The Grand Cherokee 4xe can be configured in normal-wheelbase trims consisting of Base, 30th Anniversary, Trailhawk, Overland, Summit and Summit Reserve. Characterized by their signature blue tow hooks on the front and rear of the vehicle, the Grand Cherokee 4xe retains all the off-roading capability of the ICE-trim models including the Quadra-Trac II 4x4 system and Quadra-Lift height adjustability system on higher trim levels. Regardless of model, the Grand Cherokee 4xe can achieve 56 MPGe according to the EPA.

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Charging Jeep plug-in hybrid models

Make & model
Charge rate
Battery size
Charge time on Level 1
Charge time with JuiceBox 32
All-electric range
2022-present Jeep Wrangler 4xe
7.4 kW
17 kWh
12 hours
2.5 hours
22 miles
2022-present Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe
7.4 kW
17 kWh
12 hours
2.5 hours
26 miles

Charging Jeep PHEVs: J1772

Both Jeep plug-in hybrid models are equipped with a 17 kWh battery and 7.4 kW charging speeds through their J1772 plug located on the driver’s side front fender or with the regenerative braking system while braking. 

With a compatible 7.4 kW home EV charger such as the JuiceBox 32®, Jeep PHEVs can charge from empty to full in 2.5 hours. Neither are compatible with DC fast charging.

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