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Access best-in-class EV charging solutions

Smart, grid-connected EVSE

JuiceBox EV charging stations

JuiceBox leads the smart EV charging market with unprecedented performance and affordability. JuiceBox is available in multiple power, mounting, and enclosure varieties suitable for residential, workplace, and commercial installation.

“Think about the JuiceBox as the Nest of EVSE — it’s smart so you don’t have to be (even if you are).”

Kyle Field

Enel X Way App

The Enel X Way App is your one-stop-shop for charging your EV at home and on the go. You can set up your JuiceBox smart EV charger, monitor your EVs charging status an schedule when your vehicle chargers. On the go, you can locate and begin charging at any publicly accessible Enel X Way EV charger.

Enel X Way app screens

JuiceNet IoT platform

JuiceNet is the industry’s leading cloud-based energy services platform for control and optimization of EV charging. It’s used by thousands of drivers and business partners across industries for vehicle-grid integration and managed charging.

JuiceNet Enterprise

Our EV charging asset management software is a cloud-based platform for control and optimization of EV charging. It is used by EV manufacturers, EVSE OEMs, utilities, and other commercial energy partners (e.g. solar, storage and building energy management solutions) to maximize returns on EV investments.

JuiceNet Green

JuiceNet Green is a cloud software feature that monitors and reacts to the instantaneous energy market in your geo-locality, and tapers or holds off your charging based on how 'dirty' the energy mix is in your area at that particular time.