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JuiceNet Green

Charge your electric vehicle with the cleanest energy on the grid

Move to a zero-carbon future

JuiceNet Green helps you charge cleaner by moving your EV charging to times when solar and wind power are at maximum production and fossil-fuel power sources are at a minimum. It’s available as an optional software add-on to any residential JuiceBox or JuiceNet-enabled EV charging station.

Clean energy sources such as wind and solar have grown into significant contributors to the electrical grid that powers today’s electric cars. However, dirty power derived from coal and natural gas power plants is still often relied upon, especially at times of peak electricity demand. JuiceNet Green’s sophisticated prediction engine leverages grid data to charge your EV with the cleanest energy available.

Your renewable energy mix


In many places, renewable energy is more available at certain times of the day, and energy from natural gas or coal is more available at other times. JuiceNet Green makes sure you’re charging with the cleanest energy available to you, given your charging needs.

Enabled by WattTime's automatic emissions reduction technology, JuiceNet Green optimizes your EV charging to coincide with the cleanest power generation.