Hotel & hospitality EV charging

Boost traveler satisfaction with EV charging as an amenity

As more drivers switch to electric vehicles every year, demand for EV charging stations is surging. Installing EV charging at hotel and lodging destinations is not only a smart way to support sustainability goals, it is a must-have visitor amenity. By 2025, EVs will make up 10% of all car sales, and EV drivers need parking options that support electric transportation. The hospitality industry can help solve the problem of inadequate EV charging infrastructure by installing smart EV charging stations. Offering parking options to support electric mobility supports a seamless guest experience that will help attract EV drivers and turn them into loyal customers.


Take advantage of federal, state, and local EV charging incentives and rebates which, in many cases, cover 100% of hardware costs.

Grow revenue & hit sustainability goals

Turnkey hotel charging solutions

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