Forging a 100% clean & electrified future

As demand for renewable electricity grows to power the world’s electric vehicles, smart EV charging is critical to economically and sustainably updating our energy and transportation systems. By utilizing smart, grid-connected charging stations as flexible energy services, we can meet the needs of today’s EV drivers and provide vital infrastructure needed to meet ambitious sustainability goals across North America.

Man plugging in a Jeep Wrangler 4xe with a JuiceBox home charging station
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This is an outstanding charger starting with the quality of the build, ease of installation, fast charge, and the app which reminds you to charge your vehicle. Plus, you can schedule the start time to coincide with hours where electric demand is lower, saving you money."


JuiceBox 40 customer

Charging stations for businesses

JuiceNet for all

Our platform is designed to provide smart electric vehicle charging to drivers, businesses, utilities and automakers. With JuiceNet software, EV drivers can charge when electricity rates are low, saving them, their neighbors and the grid precious electricity resources.

  • Earn cash for flexible charging
  • Manage charging schedule
  • Control electricity costs & renewable energy mix



Line drawing of vehicle being charged with a EV charger