JuiceBox® Pro

Boost customer & employee charging experience

Turn EV charging into your competitive edge

JuiceBox Pro EV charging stations

JuiceBox Pro commercial charging station
Monetize EV charging
Build a revenue stream from your charging stations
Optimize energy costs
Control charging times and reducing demand charges
Support the grid
Increase grid reliability and support EV adoption

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Why JuiceBox Pro?

Berkeley Lab

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Power & speed for less

Fast charging
High charging speed: 32A, 40A, 48A and 80A options
Powerful applications
Exel X Way app and web-based dashboard for full charging control
LED lights show power connectivity and charging status

Shrine Auditorium saves $200K

on smart EV charging with JuiceBox Pro chargers

High-output Level 2 solutions: Low CapEx, quick charging

  • Fast Level 2 charging speeds with JuiceBox Pro 48A able to charge EVs in 9 hours & JuiceBox Pro 80A able to fully charge in 5 hours
  • Versatile mounting options on either JuiceStand Pro or JuicePedestal
  • Futureproof your charger deployment for compatibility with the fastest EV charging speeds
  • Lower CapEx costs & electrical upgrades

Charge your properties with JuiceBox Pro

JuiceBox Pro charging stations mounted in parking garage

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