Workplace EV charging solutions

Take your investment in sustainability beyond the building

Charge while you work

Employers and building owners share common goals: attract and retain top talent and tenants while adding value to their business. Installing smart EV charging stations at the workplace can achieve both goals while demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

  • Attract highly-rated tenants and talented employees
  • Increase the long-term value of real estate and enhance your corporate image
  • Contribute to sustainability goals and earn LEED certification points
  • Stay ahead of regulations that require new or existing office buildings to offer EV charging

Learn more about fleet electrification

Enel has electrified 1,500+ of its fleet vehicles with the goal of going 100% electric by 2030. Find out how Enel X Way can help you design a fleet electrification program.

Exceptional workplace charging experience

Enel X Way’s line of commercial smart EV charging stations comes with easy-to-use asset management software and versatile installation options designed to easily fit into any parking footprint



Turnkey commercial charging solutions

UL and Energy Star certified, made in North America & powered by JuiceNet software

JuiceBox Pro: Faster Level 2 charging, same compact footprint

JuiceBox Pro in charging state

Seamlessly manage workplace chargers with JuiceNet Enterprise

With JuiceNet Enterprise, optimize and future-proof your EV charging investment. Use load balancing to expand your EV charging operations without expensive energy infrastructure upgrades. By reducing and capping your total EV charging load, you can build out your EVSE offering and stay within your budget.
Control station access
Set charging times and allow authorized users to access charging
Reduce operational costs
Optimize energy costs by controlling charging times and reduce peak demand charges
Convenient management
Powerful dashboard for real-time monitoring and robust reporting

Request smart charging at your workplace

It’s our mission to make EV charging accessible for all. If you are an employee and want to have EV charging infrastructure added to your place of work, let us know and we will contact your company to gauge interest.

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