JuiceNet® software

Cloud-based platform for EV load management & optimization

Seamless EV charging management platform

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JuiceNet cloud platform with branches in Responsive EV Load, Charging Telemetry & Control and Control & Monitoring

JuiceNet smart charging platform

Dispatch & API access
Electricity market-based algorithms optimize both dispatchable EVSE resources for the grid and driver requirements. Each charging station can be dispatched with charge rate commands based on local grid response profiles. API support for utilities, Independent System Operators & various user interface front-ends.
Predictive modeling & data
Balancing grid demand with predictive event modeling, based on EV driver behavior and electricity market capacity. Virtual EVSE grouping with automatic load sharing. Collection & storage of JuiceNet EVSE time series telemetry data.
EV driver experience
Drivers maintain charging station control based on their charging preferences, time-of-use schedule and real-time charge rate. Drivers can override the network control signals at anytime. Access to charging station history, alerts & notifications.

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