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Commercial installation services

Turnkey installation & support for commercial EV chargers

Seamless installation services for businesses

Enel X Way’s installation services offers end-to-end solutions for electric vehicle charging needs. Whether you are installing for private or public use, Enel X Way offers site evaluations, installation, infrastructure make-ready work, and centralized billing to simplify your EV charging journey. 


We also offer operations & maintenance (O&M) plans to include 24/7 customer service through our network of certified maintenance partners, guaranteeing you the best service and quickest turnaround time. If you’re interested in learning more please visit our O&M page.


Advantages of commercial installation services:

  • One-stop shop: Upload documents, receive a quote & begin the installation process within one portal.
  • Quick & simple evaluation: Our team will evaluate your site to determine your best installation options.
  • Supportive project management: Enel X Way will find an installer for you and coordinate the estimate & installation time so you can rest easily.
  • Streamlined payment: The simplified billing process includes hardware, installation & electrical servicing for streamlined invoicing.
  • Certified installation partner: Enel X Way’s installation and maintenance partners are certified and guarantee high quality installation of both Level 2 and Level 3 EVSE
  • Save with incentives: Enel X Way makes sure you’re benefiting from all applicable incentives & rebates when creating your estimate to help you save on EV charger installation.

Installation pricing process


Extended installation services provided by Enel X Way

  • Load analysis
  • Budgetary virtual estimates
  • Site survey & coordination
  • Professional design & engineering
  • Permittable plan set
  • Utility coordination for infrastructure upgrades
  • Permit submittal & management
  • EVSE commissioning & software set-up
  • Utility, state & federal incentive support
Enel X Way public DC fast charging stations

Why Enel X Way?

Enel X Way is a global leader in smart electric vehicle charging solutions with over 500,000 charging ports worldwide, including roaming agreements. As a subsidiary of Fortune 200 renewable energy leader, the Enel Group, Enel X Way is committed to providing smart mobility solutions for drivers, businesses and partners to make driving electric simple. Enel X Way's flagship home charging station, the JuiceBox, has been named the "best EV charger overall" in 2022 by CNET, Car and Driver, and more.

*Inclusive of Enel and Enel X Way business operations