February 2, 2021

Enel X Way and Fiat Chrysler automobile expand partnership, bringing e-mobility to Brazil

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Enel X have announced a partnership to expand electric vehicle infrastructure in Brazil in 2021. The agreement, which is the first of its kind between an auto manufacturer and e-Mobility infrastructure provider in Latin America, is aimed at supporting the adoption of electric vehicles. New electric models from FCA are expected to enter the market later this year, including the Fiat 500e and Jeep Compass hybrid.


“The strategic partnership with FCA is in line with our commitment to offering innovative technological solutions and added-value services aiming to boost electric mobility, contributing to a responsible and efficient energy consumption and the transition to a more sustainable global energy system to benefit residential customers, businesses and cities,” said Enel X president Francisco Scroffa


The agreement is part of a broader strategic initiative to modernize the city of São Paulo’s electrical infrastructure known as the Urban Futurability Project. With an investment of more than R $125 million/ USD $233 million, Urban Futurability is Enel's largest network innovation project, comprised of 40 different projects aimed at electrifying the city’s energy network. Once complete, the project will transform the city’s grid infrastructure, creating a modern network that will support the expected growth of electric vehicles and distributed energy resources. The project is aligned with São Paulo goals, which is one of the first cities in Latin America to implement a comprehensive plan to fight climate change.

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e-Mobility goes far beyond electric cars, it is a project that consists of several factors. All this with a single objective: to promote sustainable mobility, this being one of FCA’s main priorities. The automotive industry remodels itself with sustainable solutions, but always seeking to offer the best possible experience to a customer during their journey," said Antonio Filosa, FCA president for Latin America.


In order to support the number of electric vehicles that are expected to flood Vila Olímpia, Enel X Way is developing e-Mobility solutions throughout São Paulo’s bustling city center. While Enel X Way charging solutions vary by market and geographies, Enel X Way has over 170,000 charging ports available globally and in 2020 created the first 100% electric Pan-American charging corridor as seen in Long Way Up, the documentary series that followed Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman as they rode electric motorcycles from Argentina to California. With an eye to future generations, Enel X Way is embarking on a journey to deploy its comprehensive solutions to satisfy the needs of consumers, businesses and communities across the Americas.


“We applaud Fiat Chrysler Automobiles for taking an important step towards vehicle electrification. The partnership with Enel X Way in Brazil will help make EV charging infrastructure more accessible throughout the region, and we look forward to growing the relationship with FCA in North America,” said Giovanni Bertolino, Head of Enel X Way e-Mobility, North America



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