June 25, 2015

JuiceBox Green VIP launch party a smashing success!

A car at a charging station

On Thursday, June 25th, 2015, the eMotorWerks crew hosted over 100 guests at Sparky’s Hot Rod Garage to announce our new EV charging solution, JuiceBox Green 40. The event, dubbed EV Time Travel, had a wide variety of attendees, from industry veterans, eMotorWerks partners, and most importantly, dozens of our customers from all over the country.


Sparky’s garage was a fantastic venue for EV Time Travel, as the space is a reproduction of a cityscape from the 1950’s era, showing off old diners, taverns, hot rod cars, and icons from that era. The wonderful irony of the venue was that by seeing all of the big cars, gas stations and gasoline brands of old, it allowed us to juxtapose how the world of transportation was changing from the rightly-celebrated high point of the internal combustion engine there at Sparky’s, to the move today away from that fossil-fuel-guzzling era; we were visually contrasting how eMotorWerks is leading that change.

After a brief welcome to our guests, eMotorWerks Founder Valery Miftakhov said a few words to the audience, noting the global need to further reduce GHG emissions and the responsibility companies such as eMotorWerks have to find even better ways to do so. Miftakhov then explained how eMotorWerks will begin solving this challenge with the introduction of JuiceBox Green 40, developed in association with our partners at WattTime. WattTime’s co-founder and Executive Director Gavin McCormick provided an effusive explanation of how their energy algorithms help JuiceBox Green 40 identify the optimal times to charge EVs based on the mix of traditional and renewable energy generation occurring.


This product is an industry first, and effectively refutes many arguments from those who claim negative environmental impacts of EVs, as EV owners are now fully capable of automatically reducing the carbon footprint of EV charging.  


eMotorWerks is thrilled to be on the cutting edge of what is still the nascent industry of providing charging solutions to residents and workplaces alike that save energy, reduce greenhouse gases, and balance our overall power grids. We thank you for your continued support.

JuiceBox: Faster, smarter, cleaner home EV charging

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