April 17, 2023

10 longest range electric cars of 2023

JuicePedestal charging a Rivian R1T

Drivers have switched to electric vehicles (EVs) in record numbers over the past few years, sped on by tax credits and improving technology. Yet, critical barriers remain, and range anxiety is still one of the most dominant.


A 2022 Consumer Reports survey put two versions of range anxiety at the top of the list of these barriers. 61% voiced worries about whether they’d be able to find a charging station that works for their vehicle when they need it. Meanwhile, 55% cited concerns that an EV battery wouldn’t hold enough charge to meet their regular driving needs.


The first of those concerns largely deals with charging station availability and reliability, and joint efforts from policymakers and charging solution providers like Enel X Way are helping to meet these needs across the nation. 


Addressing the latter fear, however, requires automakers to keep pushing EV battery technology forward. The good news is that many manufacturers are doing just that. Some of the newest EVs are hitting the road with an outstanding driving range. Here’s a look at 10 of the longest-range electric cars you can buy in 2023.


1. 2023 Lucid Air Grand Touring: 516 Miles

The Lucid Air’s Grand Touring trim level is the unquestioned king of EV range in 2023. This luxury sedan boasts an astounding 516-mile range, a distance that outdoes many gas-powered sedans at a similar price point and trim level. Its 819-horsepower engine can also go zero to 60 in three seconds and reach 168 miles per hour. There’s no way around it, though — you have to pay a pretty penny for this level of electric luxury. The Lucid Air Sapphire’s MSRP is a whopping $138,000.


2. 2023 Tesla Model S: 405 Miles

The Tesla Model S was the champion of EV range tests for years, and it’s still pushing the limits of technology in 2023. Its battery powers a potent dual-motor, all-wheel-drive engine, delivering an impressive 405 miles on one charge. That keeps it among the best performers, even 11 years after the original Model S was introduced. Make no mistake, though, this is also a luxury car. Though not quite as expensive as the Lucid Air Grand Touring, the Model S will set you back around $89,990.


3. 2023 Tesla Model 3 Long Range: 358 Miles

Here’s a sign that the times are changing: We’re only three cars into the list, and we’re already reaching beyond the luxury category. Tesla’s entry-level car boasts an impressive range. Even its basic model offers 272 miles on one charge — an excellent range for its price point. It’s the Long Range model, though, that takes it to another level, providing nearly 360 miles without a recharge. The Model 3 Long Range features an MSRP of $59,380, putting it within reach for more drivers who want distance at a more affordable price point.


4. 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS 450 Plus Sedan: 350 Miles

This sedan from Mercedes-Benz puts us squarely back in the luxury category. To get the top driving range, you’ll have to stick with the base rear-wheel drive model, which offers a more limited 329-horsepower engine. Known for its futuristic technology and comfortable interior, this EV may be the most effective at combining some of the most appealing features on the market, even if it doesn’t go quite as far as the top three models on our list. The 450 Plus sedan retails for $104,400.


5. 2023 Tesla Model X: 348 Miles

There was a time when the concept of a mid-size, electric SUV delivering over 300 miles of range was unthinkable. Yet here we are. Tesla’s luxury SUV seats up to seven in its mid-size footprint and can go zero to 60 in under four seconds. EPA-rated for an impressive 348 miles, it starts at $99,990. It’s pricey for the class, but the range might make it worth it for many buyers.


6. 2023 Tesla Model Y Long Range: 330 Miles

Drivers who prefer a smaller SUV with a similar range can still find what they’re looking for in Tesla’s lineup. The Model Y also seats up to seven, but everything is a little more compact and pared down. It’s also a much more affordable SUV option, with the Long Range trim level retailing for $54,990. You’ll give up some of the performance and spaciousness of the Model X for that lower price, but that’s a fair tradeoff to make this kind of electric SUV available to more drivers. 


7. 2023 Rivian R1T: 328 Miles

The first pickup on our list of the longest-range electric cars, the Rivian R1T boasts an impressive 328-mile range. Car and Driver called it the “best-driving pickup we’ve ever tested,” so that’s an eyebrow-raising endorsement in and of itself. Rivian is a relatively new company, and there are some kinks to work out (like no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto), but this electric truck is definitely worthy of the attention it’s getting. With an MSRP of $73,000, it’s more expensive than your typical midsize pickup, but you’re paying for that extended range, futuristic interior features, and smooth ride.


8. BMW iX xDrive50: 324 Miles

Not everyone is a fan of the exterior looks of the BMW iX, but it’s hard to argue with its overall performance and interior features. BMW is also taking extra steps to ensure its car and battery materials are sourced responsibly and with sustainable methods, so that may attract drivers who feel a sense of urgency to make the greatest possible impact in this arena. The xDrive50 starts at $84,100 and offers an EPA-rated 324 miles on one charge.


9. BMW i4 eDrive40: 301 Miles

Drivers looking for a less expensive option from BMW can still achieve an impressive range from the i4. Its eDrive40 model delivers the farthest reach, at 301 miles. Unfortunately, the i4 doesn’t qualify for the federal tax credit under the new IRS rules, so that takes a $7,500 price cut off the table. Still, the eDrive40 retails for $56,895, which makes it one of the most affordable cars on our list of the longest-range electric cars for 2023.


10. Nissan Ariya Venture+: 304 Miles

If balancing range with affordability is your top concern, look no further than the Nissan Ariya. Its Venture+ model still cracks the 300-mile mark on one full charge, and it does it for under $50,000. Nissan knows a thing or two about making every day electric cars for everyday drivers, and the Ariya is an excellent addition to its EV lineup. The Venture+ retails for $47,190.


Range anxiety will soon be a thing of the past

As this list of long-range EVs illustrates, electric cars are already competing with gas-powered vehicles to deliver impressive range. Although many of these models aren’t yet in the price range of the average consumer, it’s only a matter of time before the high-end technology in the priciest cars trickles down to entry-level models.


Add to that the fact that consumers can access a wide range of federal and state-level credits and incentives to make charging more affordable, and it’s clear we’re quickly heading toward a day where range anxiety is no longer a real concern. Even now, the growing availability of public charging stations, fueled by the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program, is quickly reducing range anxiety by making charging more available and accessible.


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