February 1, 2021

Porsche, Q8 and Enel X Way join forces to expand ultrafast charging network across Italy

Porsche at a Q8 charging station

Porsche Italia, Q8 and Enel X Way announced an agreement to install ultrafast charging stations at 20 Q8 service areas by the end of 2021. In Europe, Enel X Way offers 300 kW DCFC charging stations and a network that allows EV drivers to charge two electric vehicles at the same time in just a few minutes. Once active, the project’s ultrafast stations will be integrated into the Porsche mobility ecosystem and be available on the mobile app, adding to the company’s 12,000+ charging ports in Italy.


Pietro Innocenti, CEO of Porsche Italia, remarked: “Thanks to this collaborative effort, we are able to offer our customers a complete package of charging solutions, making it even easier to embrace zero-emission mobility. This includes developing a smart ecosystem with multiple charging options, at home and on the go, including ultrafast charging stations at our 30 Italian Porsche Centers and charging facilities at prestigious destinations, such as the restaurants and hotels that normally serve our customers.”


The agreement also indicates that each High Power Charging (HPC) is reserved for Porsche customers. EV drivers will be able to charge their Porsche Taycans up to 80% in about 20 minutes at Q8 filling stations.


“Electric mobility is increasingly establishing itself as a winning choice, and not just as an alternative to traditional mobility. The agreement with Q8 and Porsche is a demonstration of how all the players in the supply chain are working together in harmony to foster this change”, said Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italy. “We are working to install the largest possible number of ultrafast charging stations throughout the country because we strongly believe that those who drive electric cars not only need to be able to count on an easily accessible and resilient network of charging points, but also have the opportunity to fill up with power as fast as possible.”

The first ultrafast charging station will be inaugurated at the Q8 service area of Paderno Dugnano (province of Milan), followed by other service stations at other key junctions of daily traffic and seasonal tourism, including Carate Brianza (province of Monza Brianza), Erbusco (province of Brescia), Padua, Perugia, Rome, Naples, Polignano a Mare (province of Bari), Brindisi, and Porto Rotondo (province of Oristano).


“In this period of energy transition, Q8’s objective is to contribute to the creation of the infrastructure necessary for sustainable mobility so as to meet the needs of all consumers, including the increasingly numerous population of those who have chosen hybrid or full electric cars,” declared Giuseppe Zappalà, CEO of Q8. “Thanks to reputable partners such as Porsche Italia and Enel X, the Q8 network will be strengthened even further by providing an electric recharging experience that mimics the time and methods it takes to top up at traditional refuelling stations”.


Enel X is Enel’s global business line dedicated to the development of innovative products and digital solutions in the sectors where energy is showing the highest potential for transformation: cities, homes, industry, and electric mobility. The company is a global leader in the advanced energy solution sector, managing services such as demand response with around 6 GW of total capacity at a worldwide level and 116 MW of storage capacity installed around the globe. It is also a leading player in the electric mobility sector, with around 170,000 public and private EV charging ports available around the world.


“The Enel X partnership with Porsche and Q8 in Italy serves as an example of the type of collaboration that is critical for scaling electric vehicle infrastructure. Globally and here in North America, demand for electric vehicles continues to grow each year. Partnerships between EV infrastructure providers, automakers, and utilities are key to ensuring a successful transition to an electric future.” Giovanni Bertolino, Head of eMobility, Enel X North America

EV charging is becoming a must-have amenity for businesses of all kinds. Are you ready?

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