April 14, 2021

Portland Pearl case study: Multifamily high-rise smart charging for multifamily buildings

Smart charging for multifamily residences

Portland's first truly modern multifamily complex, 937 Condominiums is a LEED Platinum-certified high-rise within the heart of the city's Pearl District. With a focus on energy efficiency and conservation, the building is designed to use less energy, less water and operate more efficiently. Looking to provide EV charging for its tenants, the HOA board chose Enel X Way's JuiceBox® charging stations. 


The case study features:

  • Growing demand amongst multifamily residents is fueling the need for EV charging 
  • EV charging as an important value-added amenity and revenue source  
  • Overcoming electrical infrastructure limitations with load balancing 
  • Simple and affordable installation 


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