December 14, 2021

2021 Most Innovative Energy Projects

From fleet electrification to energy storage, demand response to microgrids, and PPAs to ESG reporting, Enel X Way and its customers are on the front lines of change—change for the better. 


Each year we celebrate our clients’ triumphs in energy innovation, bringing you a snapshot of what is possible when skill, passion, teamwork and an exceptional portfolio of energy management solutions take on the most urgent challenge of our generation.


Enel X Way’s new eBook “The Most Innovative Projects of 2021” showcases a variety of projects, including: 

  • Martha's Vineyard Transit Authority electrifies its bus fleet
  • Take-home corporate fleets gain traction across fleet management, big pharma and more
  • Enel X Way Breaks Ground with Largest ZEV Funded Project in Canada’s History
  • Enel X Way Participates in 70+ Residential EVSE Rebate Programs Across North America


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