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LADWP incentives

Electric vehicle charging station incentives

LADWP commercial charger incentives

LADWP’s Commercial EV Charging Station Rebate Program enhances the ROI of commercial EV charging installation. The program offers rebates up to $30,000 for Level 2 and up to $125,000 for DC fast chargers commercial charging stations for medium- and heavy-duty EVs. Enel X Way is an LADWP qualified EVSE vendor. Contact us to find out if you’re eligible for LADWP incentives.

Classic Parking saves $200k on smart EV charging

”The ability to leverage the LADWP incentive helped make the EV charging project a great investment for Classic Parking, and Enel X Way’s JuiceBox charging stations were the perfect technology fit.”


Danny Gold, President & Founder

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LADWP incentive eligibility & funding

What are the applicant requirements?

  • Must receive electric service from LADWP
  • Proof of purchase of a new medium- and heavy-duty plug-in EV (transit buses, school buses, and trucks, only) for each claimed charging station rebate
  • Qualifying vehicles must be eligible for financial incentives by a government agency of the state of California

What are the project cost requirements?

  • Level 2 charging stations can receive up to $30,000 per station depending on the total power output of the station
  • DC fast charging stations can receive up to $125,000 per station depending on the total power output of the station

What costs are covered by the rebate?

  • Rebates for the purchase and installation of Level 2 commercial EV charging stations and DC fast charging stations

How many rebates can you receive?

  • The maximum rebate is $500,000 total per premises
  • Any combination of chargers up to that amount qualifies

What are the equipment requirements?

  • Power output of 6.2 kW or more for an AC charging station or 24 kW or more for a DC charging station
  • Charging stations must be listed by a NRTL or may be field tested if approved by LADBS

Why Enel X Way?

Enel X Way is a global leader in smart electric vehicle charging solutions with over 500,000 charging ports worldwide, including roaming agreements. As a subsidiary of Fortune 200 renewable energy leader, the Enel Group, Enel X Way is committed to providing smart mobility solutions for drivers, businesses and partners to make driving electric simple. Enel X Way's flagship home charging station, the JuiceBox, has been named the "best EV charger overall" in 2022 by CNET, Car and Driver, and more.

*Inclusive of Enel and Enel X Way business operations