SCE incentives

Electric vehicle charging station incentives

SCE commercial charger incentives

The SCE Charge Ready Program makes the deployment of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations easy and cost-effective for businesses*. The incentive program offsets the cost of EV charging station equipment and installation. Rebates are available for Level 2 commercial EV charging stations and DC fast charging stations. Enel X Way is an SCE-qualified EVSE vendor. Contact us to find out if you’re eligible for the SCE incentive.


* Incentives are currently only available for deployments in state-designated disadvantaged communities

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to help commercial customers take advantage of SCE rebate programs while stacking federal & utility programs

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SCE incentive eligibility and funding

What are the applicant requirements?

  • Must fit within SCE’s list of eligible industry categories
  • Must own, lease, or manage the premises where the charging stations are installed
  • Select, purchase and install SCE approved charging equipment in the quantity approved by SCE
  • Keep the charging equipment operational for at least ten years
  • Provide data related to charging equipment usage for a minimum of five years (on-road vehicles only)
  • Grant easement may be required.

What are the project cost requirements?

  • Rebates are reserved according to preference of site type and location

What costs are covered by the rebate?

  • Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), labor, materials (transformer, cable, duct) and design and permitting costs up to the utility meter

How many rebates can you receive?

  • Apply for as many as 10 stations. SCE will ultimately decide how many stations will be awarded

What are the equipment requirements?

  • New EV charging equipment purchased after the application Funds Reserved date
  • UL and Energy Star® Certified
  • OpenADR * Enel X Way is pre-integrated with SCE’s top node
  • Networked: Must have remote diagnostics and be capable of “remote start” and usage data collection.
  • Minimum 10 year networking agreement (eligible towards total project cost)
  • If payment is required for DCFC, must accept credit cards and multiple forms of payment

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