Chevy Spark charging & EV chargers

Everything drivers need to know about the Chevy Spark EV

The Chevy Spark EV was made from 2014 to 2016. It has a 3.3 kW onboard charger and can recharge on a Level 1 120v charger in 13.5 hours. A 240V Level 2 charging station will decrease the charging time to 5.5 hours. The Chevy Spark EV uses the SAE standard J1772 connector, as do EV’s from all brands in North America, except for Tesla.

Chevy Spark EV charging times & range

Model year
Charge rate
Battery size
Charge time on Level 1
Charge time with JuiceBox® 32
All electric range
2014 Chevy Spark
3.3 kW
21.3 kWh
15 hours
6 hours
82 miles
2015-2016 Chevy Spark
3.3 kW
19 kWh
13.5 hours
5.5 hours
82 miles

DC fast charging: CCS Combo

The Spark EV has a DC fast charge option and can accept up to 50 kW, charging the Spark EV up to 90% in under 30 minutes. The Spark EV uses the SAE Combined Charging Connector (CCS) for Level 3 DC fast charge.

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Chevy Spark home charging stations


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