Charging the Nissan Ariya

Everything drivers need to know about the Nissan Ariya

Nissan led North America in the first mass produced electric vehicle (EV) with its LEAF compact since 2013, bringing the EV revolution to the mainstream. Now in the Ariya, the Japanese automaker further popularizes its EV offerings with a compact crossover to feed the high-riding masses. Revealed in 2020 and officially launched in 2022 after being delayed, The Ariya introduces Nissan’s latest “Timeless Japanese Futurism” design language into a compact crossover. Utilizing larger batteries and optional all-wheel drive (AWD), this new era of Nissan electric vehicles combats range anxiety and provides even more space.


The Ariya introduced numerous new features into the brand’s EV lineup, including a departure from the long-used CHAdeMO DC fast charging standard that’s phasing out in North America for the CCS Combo port that’s become common in the majority of EVs. Buyers get access to Nissan’s Safety Shield 360 system and advanced ProPILOT 2.0 hands-free driving system to really usher in the future of driving experience. Optional e-4ORCE AWD system provides all-weather traction and precise cornering.

Charging the Nissan Ariya

The Nissan Ariya introduces new liquid cooled lithium-ion batteries in 65 kWh (63 kWh usable capacity) and 90 kWh (87 kWh usable capacity) options with each battery system coming standard with single-motor front-wheel drive (FWD) or optional dual-motor e-4ORCE AWD systems. Dual-motor variants get access to a little more pep in their step, with a Performance model that can output up to 389 horsepower. Regardless of configuration, Ariya drivers get access to 7.2 kW Level 2 charging and 130 kW DC fast charging.


Utilizing a home charger like the JuiceBox 32 allows Nissan Ariya drivers to charge their vehicle at home at the fastest possible speeds. With the Enel X Way App, drivers can schedule and monitor their vehicle’s charge in one easy-to-use app.

Looking for a Nissan Ariya charging station?

Model year
Charge rate
Battery size
Charge time on Level 1
Charge time with JuiceBox® 32
All electric range
2022-Present Nissan Ariya
7.2 kW
66 kWh
44 hours
8.5 hours
206-215 miles
2022-Present Nissan Ariya +
7.2 kW
91 kWh
60 hours
11.75 hours
267-304 miles

DC fast charging: CCS Combo

The Nissan Ariya utilizes a CCS Combo port located on the driver’s side front fender  providing 130 kW of charging speed. To take advantage of that quick charging, drivers can utilize a fast charger like the Enel X Way JuicePump 150 kW DC fast charger. Nissan has committed to adopting the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector, being standardized by SAE as J3400, starting in 2025.

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