July 5, 2012

2011 EMotorWerks first roadshow - at Yahoo campus

This is the first of the series of roadshows planned for the top 20 tech companies in the Bay Area - all part of the EMotorWerks promotion campaign precluding our public launch. On December 8th, 2011, it could be seen right by the main cafeteria on Yahoo's campus, where hundreds of Yahoo employees stopped by to learn about electric conversion and eMotorWerks.


200-300 people stopped by to learn about electric conversion and eMotorWerks on the way to and from lunch at the central cafeteria.


In 2012 we will continue visiting the largest and the greenest SF Bay Area companies with a road show and outdoor displays of our BMW EV conversions.  Please contact Julia Sirotina at julias@emotorwerks.com if you would like us to visit your company or if you have great ideas on potential destinations.


These roadshows are designed to generate high levels of public interest in the upcoming BMW 3-series conversion solution. By focusing on the largest, most progressive, and most successful companies in the Bay Area, eMotorWerks reaches into the heart of its target customer segment. Based on eMotorWerks field research, 6-7% of all employees in these companies drive BMWs – a very strong concentration of prospects. All this outreach is already paying off – without any traditional marketing, eMotorWerks already has a waiting list of ~40-50 people who would like to order their electric 3-series once it’s publicly available later this quarter.