October 25, 2017

As electric vehicles make a move to the mainstream, utilities are taking notice

In its recent article TechCrunch covers the acquisition of eMotorWerks, a “small, fast-growing California developer of charging stations and power management software”, by an Italian multinational electricity service provider Enel.


This news acknowledges the intention of utilities and grid operators to respond to the accelerated expansion of electric vehicles and the need to ensure electricity reliability. At the time when large car manufacturers and governments announce their plans and commitments to the electrification of the transportation sector, issues of power management and grid control come to the foreground.


eMotorWerks as a manufacturer of innovative charging technologies facilitates Enel’s mission by providing software solutions for power management and load balancing.


“This acquisition enriches our e-mobility offering and integrates a highly sophisticated smart EV charging solution within our portfolio of grid flexibility services, which includes the world’s largest demand response network, distributed energy management systems and battery storage solutions,” said Francesco Venturini, head of Enel’s Global e-Solutions division.


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