October 26, 2015

ClipperCreek charging stations incorporate eMotorWerks smart grid charging platform

EV charging stations are getting connected, allowing users to remotely manage charging, and utilities to take advantage of their large demand response capabilities. The market for connected EVSE is taking off rapidly and recently eMotorWerks announced a partnership to bring that connectivity to a variety of partners, starting with market-leading EVSE provider ClipperCreek.  


The California company eMotorWerks includes considerable connectivity capabilities in its JuiceBox line of chargers, and now offers similar features to other EVSE and EV manufacturers through its JuiceNet smart grid platform. JuiceNet represents a universal platform for managing large, shiftable loads. eMotorWerks delivers a top-notch consumer experience, while helping utilities and grid operators save money and make the electric grid more reliable and resilient. Full article here.