September 29, 2017

eMotorWerks + EDF = Intelligent EVSE deployment for demand management

A recent partnership between eMotorWerks and EDF is aimed at expanding intelligent network of charging stations to enable grid-scale demand management. EDF will integrate into its EVSE eMotorWerks’ cloud-connected JuiceNet software to offer drivers the option to charge with low- or no-carbon electricity. On top of that EDF intends to develop intelligent solutions to control the demand on the grid. JuiceNet software allows for real-time visibility of major grid parameters and control of EV charging demand.


CleanTechnica highlights eMotorWerks’ commitment to play an important role as the mediator in the energy market: “The new partnership shows not only the foresight of eMotorWerks’ strong focus on building not only chargers but an intelligent control platform that offers immense value to utilities looking for more control over the massive new loads being put onto their grids.“


To learn more, visit CleanTechnica website