November 1, 2017

Enel acquires California-based e-mobility solutions firm eMotorWerks

The multinational utility company Enel acquired the e-mobility solutions provider eMotorWerks, known for its popular JuiceBox EV charging stations and the JuiceNet software platform, which Enel plans to integrate into all of its electric vehicle charging stations around the world.


The JuiceNet platform is used to manage electric vehicle charging and other distributed energy storage facilities, remotely control and aggregate such facilities, and to use them for grid balancing purposes. One of the clear advantages is the ability to schedule the charging to when the cleanest energy is abundant on the grid, which reduces the costs of EV ownership. With over 25,000 smart-grid-enabled electric vehicle charging stations deployed by eMotorWerks, Enel’s support will help significantly grow this number in the upcoming years.


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