September 1, 2020

Enel X helps to find the solution to avoid the blackouts in California

California's regulators will conduct a post-mortem into the rolling blackouts that occurred in the state for the first time in two decades recently, affecting hundreds of thousands of customers in the midst of a record-breaking heatwave. The regulators intend to perform a root cause analysis after the heatwave passes, with an eye to prevent similar blackouts from happening in the future.


Enel X has been using a combination of demand response, storage and EV charging units to bring down consumption by about 150 MW a day, Surya Panditi, head of Enel X North America, said.


Essentially, Panditi thinks of these programs as a "win-win-win" — it's good for the environment since it reduces electricity consumption, the customer is paid, and it helps handle extreme situations like the one California found itself in recently.


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