December 30, 2014

Guaranteed buy-back will be open to PEV Pilot prospects


This program will commence after January 26, 2015, and it will be available by invitation only. Guaranteed buy-back will be open to PEV Pilot prospects, who have signed up for a fully-rebated JuiceBox through Electric Motor Werks or through OhmConnect. To be eligible, all participants must have completed the PEV Pilot qualification process. This includes, but is not limited to, an active OhmConnect account, and a positive validation of electric utility service. Please note that only JuiceBox Classic and JuiceBox Pro are eligible for this program. JuiceBox Pro Plus does not qualify for the buy-back offer.

Program Details

Our goal is to make you completely satisfied by meeting all of your charging needs. We recognize that PEV Pilot enrollment has taken a lot longer than originally anticipated, and we would like to make the PEV Pilot more palatable to those that cannot wait, and who need a JuiceBox sooner than later. Since the PEV Pilot hardware will be fundamentally a different product when compared to our JuiceBox Classic or JuiceBox Pro, we are unfortunately unable to offer an equipment retrofit. Instead, we would like you to consider purchasing our JuiceBox Classic or JuiceBox Pro with a buy-back guarantee.

Terms and Pricing

All eligible PEV Pilot participants will receive an invitation to buy a JuiceBox Classic or a JuiceBox Pro with a $50 discount from retail pricing. Once their PEV Pilot hardware is available and approved by participating utilities, JuiceBoxes acquired through this program may be returned with prior notice to Electric Motor Werks. PEV participants will receive a refund when their JuiceBox acquired under the terms of this program has been received, processed, and deemed to be in excellent condition. A prorated usage fee of $9.99 per week will be deducted from the refund amount due.


Electric Motor Werks will pay for shipping to the recipient. Program participants will be responsible for return shipping to Electric Motor Werks.

Usage Fee

Electric Motor Werks will charge a usage fee of $9.99 per week starting from the delivery date until the JuiceBox and all original accessories are returned to Electric Motor Werks. A week will consist of seven (7) days, and will be calculated from the weekday when initial delivery has occurred. A prorated usage fee will be calculated for individual days, which do not add up to a full week.

Sales Tax

Electric Motor Werks will charge California sales tax upfront. When you return the JuiceBox acquired under the terms of this program, we will refund the unused value of the charging station including prorated sales tax to you. The usage fee will be calculated according to the formula specified above. As a result, California sales tax will be implicitly included in the usage fee when the transaction is closed. In the event that you decide to keep the JuiceBox acquired under the terms of this program, no additional action is necessary.

How to Return a JuiceBox

To start a return, please contact our customer support, give us your order number, and mention the buy-back program for PEV Pilot participants. Our fulfillment department will contact you with return instructions.

Return Condition

Electric Motor Werks anticipates that JuiceBoxes are returned in excellent condition, which would help with their resale to interested parties. Should there be any damage, which impairs either the functionality or the resale value, Electric Motor Werks reserves the right to deduct a reasonable repair fee to bring the JuiceBox to resalable condition. We ask that you save the original packaging, and used it for return shipping.

Warranty Policy

We offer a full one year manufacturer’s warranty on all of our pre-assembled charging stations. The warranty covers parts, factory labor, and shipping if required. The buy-back program does not affect our product warranty. Please click here for more details and full warranty terms.