September 30, 2013

JuiceBox production and delivery timelines update



~15 more Base units & kits were shipped over the last week and we are getting the next mass (~50) batch of the fully assembled PCBs this week. With this update, the main thing holding up shipments is now J1772 cables that are still on their way from China.


Our Premium Enclosure is still in pre-production stage but we aim to complete it by the end of the month.


Due to the numerous pre-orders and growing interest to our new product there maybe delays with our response to individual inquires. EMotorWerks Team wants to apologize if we cannot get back to everyone right away. Thank you for your patience.


For more clarity of timelines and transparency of our processes, here is our expected delivery priority order:


  1. JuiceBox Base Unit Kits and Units with no additional cables - 5-10 days from the receipt of order
  2. JuiceBox Base Unit Kits and Units with additional cables - starting second half of October, bulk of orders shipping in the last week of October and first week of November
  3. JuiceBox Premium Unit Kits and Units - expect to start shipping in November after the enclosure is finalized


We firmly believe that our product is very much worth the wait. However, for those of you who do not like waiting and would prefer to go with lower-power more expensive alternatives, we offer complete refund.


As always, thank you all for your continuous support and interest in our products!


JuiceBox is an Open Source 15kW Level 2 EV Charging Station, mass production of which was successfully funded on Kickstarter just a couple of months ago. The device is a full-featured J1772 charging station and supplies up to 60A and operates on both 120V and 240V. It's built around an Arduino microcontroller and EMotorWerks is making both the hardware and software open source. It is small enough to be used as a mobile charger. It is faster. It is more affordable and flexible than other chargers available on the market today.