January 30, 2012

New Android based electric vehicle dashboard release


Following the successes of the eMotorWerks 3 series road shows and open source 10kW charging system, on January 30th, 2012 EMotorWerks released their new Android based Electric Vehicle Dashboard as a standalone product.


The eMotorWerks EV Android Dashboard - Base Edition is designed to monitor dynamic Electric Vehicle characteristics on any Android device (Android 2.2 and later are supported, 3.2.1 and higher preferred). The set includes sensor and blue tooth units, Ethernet cable, instruction manual and software download. The Base Edition allows to display any number of gauges from the following list: Instant Motor Power, Battery Voltage, Battery Current, Battery Remaining Charge Percentage, Miles Per Gallon Equivalent, Watt Hours Per Mile.


Constant Bluetooth communication between the sensor board hardware and the Android app allows real-time visualization of the selected EV parameters. When the EV is parked for charging in the garage, the Android device will allow remote monitoring of the charging state (Battery Remaining Charge Percentage gauge). The instructional installation video is available here.


The application can be installed on any number of Android devices allowing you the flexibility of checking the charging status of the vehicle from the phone while the main ‘EV Dashboard’ table is left in the car. Depending on the placement of the Bluetooth transmitter, 60-70 feet of range for connection to Android can be achieved.