January 31, 2017

What to consider when buying and installing a home electric vehicle charging station

eMotorWerks' line of EV charging stations took top honors amongst a roundup of comparable EVSEs in Tom Konrad's (Ph.D., writing at GreenTech Media) recent article. Tom writes "JuiceBox: Probably the best options in terms of power and features for the price", and continues "JuiceBox 40A: $499 at eMotorWerks, the least expensive 40A charging station available....", and "JuiceBox pro 40A and Pro 75A: $599 and $899 at eMotorWerks, full-featured, high-power charging stations at a low price. Can be adjusted with a smartphone app to charge at any lower current required."


"I have not listed any other full-featured charging stations because the JuiceBox Pro beats the other options on price, and provides enough current for any vehicle."


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