October 7, 2015

eMotorWerks smart-grid electrc vehicle charging platform now available for ClipperCreek charging stations

eMotorWerks adds real-time control, monitoring, and automated smart-grid optimization to select ClipperCreek charging stations.

SAN CARLOS, Calif., Oct. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- eMotorWerks has chosen ClipperCreek's durable and NRTL listed HCS product line to integrate with its innovative JuiceNet™ platform for Smart-Grid EV Charging. eMotorWerks is a leading provider of intelligent and connected smart-grid charging solutions for electric vehicles (EV) and ClipperCreek is a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential EV charging stations in North America.


eMotorWerks' JuiceNet turns traditional EV charging stations (EVSEs) into connected, smart-grid EV charging appliances which are controlled via a cloud-based, self-learning software platform. Initially, eMotorWerks will integrate JuiceNet capabilities into the flagship ClipperCreek products HCS-40 and HCS-40P. JuiceNet communication, revenue-grade telemetry, and control hardware, combined with a cloud software layer and smartphone / web front-ends, will provide greater control and convenience to customers. JuiceNet-enabled HCS stations will allow anytime-anyplace control via a mobile app, fast charging, and reductions in both greenhouse gas emissions and electricity costs based on user-defined charging preferences. The HCS-40 JuiceNet Edition is available immediately for pre-order from eMotorWerks' website www.emotorwerks.com and will start shipping end of October 2015.


Jason France, president and founder of ClipperCreek, said: "ClipperCreek's mission is to develop and promote electric vehicle acceptance by bringing superior value to the market.  We are pleased to have been selected by eMotorWerks for connection to their JuiceNet platform. The HCS product line as offered by eMotorWerks with JuiceNet capabilities should broaden consumer choice for feature-rich charging stations that are consumer-friendly, cost-effective, environmentally responsible, and reliable."


eMotorWerks founder Valery Miftakhov states, "We are very excited to integrate our groundbreaking platform into the product line of ClipperCreek, one of the most recognized and established brands in our industry. Bringing advanced smart grid capabilities to their flagship product line further validates our vision for JuiceNet as a universal platform for managing large, shiftable loads. eMotorWerks will deliver a top-notch consumer experience, while helping utilities and grid operators save money and make our electric grids more reliable and resilient."


This landmark announcement further expands the aggregated EV charging load managed under the JuiceNet platform. Adding to the existing network of over 5,000 JuiceBox™ stations, this new expansion is an important step for the power industry, which faces increasing challenges in balancing local and regional grid loads and generation assets. JuiceNet-managed Distributed Energy Resources (DER) not only help future-proof our grids for growing intermittent renewable generation and the inevitable mass adoption of electric vehicles, but also do so without requiring utilities and power operators to invest in new grid operations, storage, or demand response infrastructure.


About ClipperCreek

Founded in 2006 by Jason France, ClipperCreek is a worldwide leader in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). The company offers a wide range of products designed to be the safest, most innovative, and grid-ready EV charging stations on the market. ClipperCreek advances the plug-in vehicle market and broadens the acceptance of the most exciting vehicle revolution in a century. The industry pioneers at ClipperCreek build more than 20 years of real world EV charging expertise into every EVSE they manufacture. For more information on ClipperCreek, visit www.clippercreek.com.