December 6, 2016

eMotorWerks and Nayax partner to deliver smart -grid electric vehicle charging stations

The solution offers affordable upfront price, fast charging rates, and flexible payment options

SAN CARLOS, Calif., December 6, 2016 --  Recognizing the need for affordable, smart-grid enabled charging options with flexible payment methods for EV charging, eMotorWerks has teamed with EV Meter, a subsidiary of Nayax, for the development of JuiceStation, an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) platform that will provide smart grid energy intelligence for convenience stores, service stations, and shopping centers. The dual 40-amp per head charging stations are scheduled for installation throughout 2017 alongside the Nayax deployment of over 30,000 point of sale terminals already located across North America in convenience stores, service stations, and shopping centers.  


“Electric car drivers across the U.S. are demanding broad access to EV charging infrastructure.  This requires access to reliable EV stations with open payment options, something that the industry has been unable to meet with one complete, easy to use solution. Partnering with eMotorWerks enables us to deliver on EV driver needs while lowering operating costs for fleet managers with a proven, cloud-based solution,” stated Yair Nechmad, owner and CEO of Nayax.  


The joint solution will complement eMotorWerks’ market-leading residential EVSE platform by adding comprehensive access control, flexible payment options, energy management, and advanced reporting features. By using eMotorWerks’ cloud-based energy solution (called JuiceNet), JuiceStation will allow EVSE fleet managers - such as operators of EV charging stations at gas stations, convenience stores, shopping centers - to offer convenient, fast, and broadly-accessible electric vehicle charging.  


“Our goal is to build the best commercial EV charging station on the market,” said EV Meter general manager, Joseph Kwong. “By combining the eMotorWerks platform, which we see as the smartest cloud-based EV charger solution available, with the well established globally-deployed automated machine platform from Nayax, we can provide a highly advanced public EV charging station, future-proofed and ready to last the test of time.”


JuiceStation leverages the same core hardware and cloud-based platform of eMotorWerks’ market-leading residential solution (JuiceBox Pro), and offers EV drivers real-time visibility, control, and site-level energy optimizations that reduce charging costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Nayax’s globally-deployed automated machine platform, VPOS Touch (Virtual Point of Sale), will augment the JuiceNet capabilities with cashless payments, cellular communication, remote management, monitoring, and analytics.


The JuiceNet platform also affords automated, multi-tiered control algorithms and load balancing that enables multiple charging stations to operate simultaneously under “peak load” settings that avoid excessive strain on electrical circuits. JuiceStation also saves customers money by minimizing and even eliminating, the expensive monthly fees associated with traditional public EV charging solutions. In addition, JuiceStation can be coordinated with third-party energy management systems to minimize the cost of operating EVSE fleets by reducing electricity demand charges.


“We are delighted to offer the first ever smart-grid enabled public EV charging station,” said eMotorWerks founder & CEO Valery Miftakhov. “After establishing ourselves as the industry’s leading innovator of advanced residential charging solutions for electric vehicles, it is a natural progression to provide our technology for non-residential charging locations via partnerships such as this one with Nayax.”  


About Nayax

Nayax is a leading global provider of cashless payment solutions, telemetry systems, and a management & monitoring business suite for the unattended machine industry. Since 2005, Nayax solutions have been integrated in over 200,000 devices worldwide, operating in more than 45 countries and 26 currencies. Nayax’s line of innovative products is designed to remotely manage the machines and bring machine operators closer to their consumers and are compatible with all forms of cashless payments, including swipe, contact and contactless capabilities, including debit and credit cards, mobile, SMS, prepaid cards and NFC payment options. Nayax cashless expertise enables operators to receive the complete package with no need to deal with banks, credit fees, telecom payments and more. Nayax works with leading global payment processors (today connected to nearly 30 banks) in order to provide the best cashless services at highly competitive rates.