January 27, 2016

eMotorWerks announces the industry's first rewards program that pays drivers for charging their electric vehicles

eMotorWerks revolutionary JuicePoints™ program boosts value of electric transportation by earning customers money and helping make the grid cleaner

SAN CARLOS, Calif., Jan. 27, 2016 -- eMotorWerks, the leading provider of intelligent and connected smart-grid charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs), today announced JuicePoints™, a program through which drivers are paid to charge their EVs. Connected to major California utilities' grid management systems, JuiceNet-enabled EV charging stations are controlled to charge at times when the electric grid is least constrained and the power is cleanest, better integrating renewables into the grid, and earning rewards for its customers.


The JuicePoints program is immediately available in most of the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the next several weeks, it will be further expanded into most of the territories served by the three largest California utilities - PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E. Existing JuiceBox Pro and JuiceNet-enabled ClipperCreek customers can sign up to earn rewards. Qualified new buyers will also receive $100 off the purchase of a JuiceBox Pro 40 - the market-leading, connected EV charging station. For more information and to sign-up, visit JuicePoints sign-up page.


eMotorWerks is the only EV charging provider awarded contracts under the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Demand Response Auction Mechanism (DRAM). The company has contracts with all 3 IOUs, making it uniquely able to control EV charging and offer customer rewards. In addition to the DRAM program, the company also participates in several innovative energy service programs in PG&E territory, including the PEV Submetering Pilot, Supply Side Pilot, and Excess Supply Pilot. Large-scale participation of EV charging loads in such programs is made possible for the first time by eMotorWerks' JuiceNet™ platform that is smart dispatchable, allowing plug-in EVs (PEVs) to provide grid services while they charge, and making the grid cleaner while paying back PEV owners.


"Our JuicePoints program is unique to the industry and particularly beneficial for our customers," says Valery Miftakhov, Founder of eMotorWerks. "...our high-speed dispatch capability, cloud-based, self-learning algorithms, and easy-to-use mobile app ensure that your car is always charged when you need it, while simultaneously offering greater flexibility to the grid and greener charging."


This landmark announcement further distinguishes the aggregated EV charging load managed under the JuiceNet platform, and the industry is already responding with excitement:


"The ability to shed loads from customer's PEVs through centralized control in return for incentive rewards enables JuiceNet to uniquely assist with grid load moderation, especially as more transportation becomes electrified," saidRon Freund, Chairman of the Electric Auto Association (EAA). The EAA represents EV drivers nationwide who have long advocated technology advances such as these being implemented by eMotorWerks.


Janice Lin, co-Founder of the California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA) and the Global Energy Storage Alliance (GESA), noted, "EVs are quickly becoming a significant energy storage resource on the US grid. In California alone, they already represent over 3 gigawatt hours of battery capacity, connected to the grid every day. By 2020, it could be 7-10x more. Technologies like JuiceNet are critical to successful integration of these vehicles into our grids and are unlocking significant value for ratepayers."


With over 7,000 JuiceBox stations throughout the country and tens of thousands of JuiceNet-compatible partner stations, eMotorWerks has access to the largest amount of flexible EV charging load capacity in the US. Access to such capacity helps the power industry to better address increasing challenges in balancing local and regional grid loads with its generation assets. JuiceNet-managed Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and smart dispatchable charging help future-proof grids for expanding intermittent renewable generation and the mass adoption of electric vehicles without requiring utilities and power operators to invest in new grid operations, storage, or demand response infrastructure.


About eMotorWerks

eMotorWerks is revolutionizing the EV charging market with its JuiceNet-enabled smart grid EV charging solutions. JuiceNet maximizes charging efficiency & speed while providing EV owners intuitive control and visibility. JuiceNet is also fully smart grid enabled. By shifting when and how much electricity JuiceNet-enabled stations draw from the grid, eMotorWerks helps utilities and grid operators reduce electricity costs, ease grid congestion, absorb excess solar and wind power, and provide rapid response to unforeseen grid events. For more information on eMotorWerks, visit www.emotorwerks.com.