July 26, 2016

eMotorWerks brings voice control to JuiceNet electric vehicle charging platform

First ever integration of EV charging stations with a major smart home platform, bringing Amazon Alexa voice commands to JuiceNet EV drivers

SAN CARLOS, Calif., July 26, 2016 eMotorWerks, the leading manufacturer of intelligent and connected smart grid charging solutions for electric vehicles (EV) announces the integration of Amazon’s Alexa home automation technology into their electric car charging offerings, free for existing and new customers utilizing eMotorWerks’ advanced JuiceNet platform.


For the first time, Amazon’s line of Alexa smart home devices now works with your electric car charger. Now only from eMotorWerks you can monitor and control the charging of your electric car with voice commands. From the comfort of your couch you can ask Alexa, through Amazon Echo, “Alexa, what is my charging speed”, “Alexa, how much range do I currently have”, and much more. This amazingly convenient technology is free with any JuiceNet account that works with networked JuiceBox electric car chargers from eMotorWerks.


“We are excited to be able to bring the convenience of Alexa to our smart-grid charging platform, offering our customers the most advanced and efficient car charging experience available on the market today” stated eMotorWerks founder and CEO Valery Miftakhov.


eMotorWerks’ JuiceNet loT platform is capable of integrating with home automation appliances, giving the owner even more ability to monitor and manage their energy usage for a more efficient home.


eMotorWerks continues to lead the industry with innovative technologies that set the bar for grid optimization through electric vehicle charging. The company’s intelligent load balancing ensures that today’s electrical infrastructure supports current EV charging needs as well as those in the future. JuiceNet keeps electric grid energy costs in check by minimizing unwanted demand peaks and reducing utility demand charges.


About eMotorWerks

eMotorWerks is revolutionizing the EV charging market with its JuiceNet-enabled smart grid EV charging solutions. JuiceNet enabled devices, such as the company’s connected, high-power JuiceBox charging stations, maximize charging efficiency & speed while providing EV owners intuitive control and visibility. By shifting when and how much electricity JuiceNet-enabled stations draw from the grid, eMotorWerks helps utilities and grid operators reduce electricity costs, ease grid congestion, and absorb additional solar and wind power. eMotorWerks is paid by grid operators for those services and shares back a portion of proceeds to EV drivers via upfront purchase discounts and ongoing rewards for smart-grid charging. For more information on eMotorWerks, visit www.emotorwerks.com.