May 21, 2019

eMotorWerks introduces JuicePlan, a low-cost, EV charging service to increase access to smart charging

  • JuicePlan will initially be available to electric vehicle owners across several markets in California, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland.
  • The monthly subscription fee starts at $19 and includes the JuiceBox home charger, home installation by certified electricians, and the JuiceNet smart charging platform.


San Carlos, CA — May 21st, 2019 -- eMotorWerks, a subsidiary of the Enel Group’s advanced energy services business group Enel X and a leading provider of intelligent and cloud-connected smart grid charging solutions, has introduced JuicePlan, its residential electric vehicle (EV) charging service in the US. Through this new service, coupled with the company’s EV charger, which has been a bestseller in the EV charging category on Amazon for the last five years, eMotorWerks aims to increase access to smart charging and accelerate EV adoption by making the home charging installation and experience user-friendly and affordable.


The JuicePlan includes a JuiceBox smart Level 2 charger and the JuiceNet smart grid charging platform, which allows users to schedule charging times when electricity costs are lower and renewable penetration is higher. eMotorWerks has also partnered with local, certified electricians to install the JuiceBox and take the guesswork out of the installation process, giving new EV owners access to lower-cost professional installation services saving time and money finding an affordable installer.


"There’s a continued need to democratize access to electrified mobility globally. One of the barriers we’ve found to greater adoption is the selection and installation of an EV charging system at home, where the vast majority of vehicle charging takes place today,” said Preston Roper, eMotorWerks General Manager, North America. “Our hope is that creating a subscription option for smart charging to existing EV owners or those that are considering an electric vehicle will accelerate EV adoption in the U.S.”


A subscription to JuicePlan starts at $19 per month throughout the subscription term, is currently available in many markets across California, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. The combination of the JuiceNet platform, the sophisticated smart charging software, and the JuiceBox Pro 40, can result in lower overall charging costs for EV owners and an option to charge with the cleanest power available, while more importantly reducing the cost of electricity service for all customers of a utility. With JuicePlan, EV drivers can control and monitor charging remotely using their JuiceNet app and the JuiceNet online dashboard or use Amazon Alexa voice control to start or stop charging without going outside. For more information on JuicePlan eligibility and subscriptions, please visit /store/residential/juiceplan.


About eMotorWerks:

eMotorWerks, a subsidiary of the Enel Group’s advanced energy services business line Enel X, is revolutionizing the EV charging market with its JuiceNet-enabled smart charging solutions. With nearly 50,000 charging stations sold around the world, eMotorWerks is the only EVSE participating in wholesale energy markets. By offering EV drivers, utilities, automakers and businesses a complete line of interoperable, hardware agnostic, smart grid charging solutions, eMotorWerks is enabling the EV industry to scale sustainably. For more information on eMotorWerks, please visit, and follow us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.