March 1, 2022

Encore Energy Group announces partnership with Enel X Way

Providing smart EV charging station solutions up and down the East Coast


[FAIRFIELD, NJ, March 2022] — Encore Energy Group, a subsidiary of EncoreLED USA, announces partnership with Enel X Way to become a leading East Coast distributor of the JuiceBox™ and JuicePump™ electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. With over 16 years of experience in the field of sustainable energy, Encore Energy Group expands its focus to include best-in-class EV charging solutions in the commercial and industrial space, including commercial businesses, cities and governments, property managers, and automotive dealerships, among others.


“As a leading distributor of the JuiceBox™ and JuicePump™ EV charging stations on the East Coast, Encore Energy Group is excited to bring EV charging solutions to businesses looking for sustainable energy solutions that qualify for tax incentives and rebates,” states Bill Dato, CEO of Encore Energy Group. “With the electric vehicle market booming, new projections state that EV sales will sharply increase over the next few years, rising from 3.1 million in 2020 to 14 million in 2025.† Encore Energy Group’s partnership with Enel X Way is crucial to meeting demand for fast, clean, and convenient EV charging stations.”


Encore Energy Group will offer the innovative JuiceBox™ and JuicePump™ EV charging stations produced by Enel X Way. These EV charging solutions will maximize land, property, and business owners’ return on investment with the high demand for EV charging stations as more and more drivers purchase electric vehicles. For example, the powerful JuicePump™ 50 & 175 kW can effortlessly charge electric vehicles to 80 percent in under 20 minutes. With these lightning-fast charge speeds, now is the time to establish leadership in the EV industry with an Enel X Way charging station from Encore Energy Group.


"Enel X Way is pleased to partner with Encore Energy Group as the adoption of EV chargers continues to grow and evolve," said Giovanni Bertolino, Head of e-Mobility, Enel X Way North America. "EVs are already replacing over 1 million barrels of oil demand per day. With JuiceBox™ and JuicePump™ charging stations, consumers, utilities, businesses, and municipalities can drive the electrified transportation future and build a cleaner tomorrow."


With Encore Energy Group, land, property, and business owners looking to purchase an EV charging station can take advantage of utility incentives and rebates available while providing turnkey installation for the EV charging stations of their choice. Contact us today to start capturing new revenue streams at discounted rates.


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About Encore Energy Group

Encore Energy Group is the leading East Coast provider for the JuiceBox™ and JuicePump™ EV charging stations. Our mission is to provide high quality, long lasting, eco-friendly, and affordable EV charging options for businesses. Encore works with property managers, auto dealerships, cities and government, fleets, restaurants, commercials facilities, universities, hospitals, among others to bring the right EV charging solutions and value to the property. To learn more about Encore Energy Group’s products and services, visit


About Enel X Way

Enel X Way is the Enel group’s global business line that offers services to accelerate innovation and drive the energy transition. A world leader in the sector of advanced energy solutions, Enel X Way manages services such as 7.7 GW of demand response and 195 MW of storage capacity installed globally. In January 2022, a new Global Business Line fully dedicated to electric mobility was created, managing approximately 245,000 public and private charging ports for electric vehicles available all over the world, promoting and developing projects and solutions for the spread of e-Mobility in the countries in which Enel Group operates. To learn more, visit: