September 22, 2022

Enel X Way and Petrobras Chile sign agreement to install new public charging points and encourage electromobility throughout the country

  • Some 24 Petrobras service stations throughout Chile are already in the execution phase, part of the new public charging network that will boost electromobility nationwide.
  • The agreement is also a continuation of the Enel X Way “ElectroRoute Plan," which aims to connect the country with electric chargers by 2026.


Santiago, September 22, 2022: To bring e-mobility closer to people, Enel X Way Chile and Petrobras Chile agreed to implement public fast-charging points in the Petrobras service station network nationwide, from Arica to Tierra del Fuego. The commitment of both companies is to surpass the barrier of 150 stations nationwide by 2025.


On this occasion, two fast chargers are being incorporated, capable of charging two vehicles simultaneously, with up to 60 kW of power, and with Asian (CHAdeMO) and European (CCS2 and Type 2) standard connectors, thus providing greater charging options for electric vehicle users. The partnership between the two companies will also incorporate equipment of up to 150 kW.


“It was more than ten years ago, at the service station on the corner of Vespucio and Vitacura, that Petrobras Chile became the first company to open a charging point to encourage electromobility. Today, we are committing to opening 150 fast-charging points throughout Chile, from Arica to Tierra del Fuego. Our goal is to be close to communities nationwide, to promote electromobility and clean energy, reduce the carbon footprint, and make our service stations a meeting point for communities”, said Carlos Larrain, General Manager of Esmax, the Petrobras licensee in Chile.


Petrobras has two service stations with fully operational fast-charging points and around twenty-four service stations in the execution phase. Within its long-term objectives, the company expects to have at least 150 service stations with public charging points operational by 2025.


“With each electric charger incorporated in the country with strategic alliances such as those with Petrobras, we move closer to our goal of having 1,200 installed by 2026. Our commitment is to have electric chargers every sixty kilometers, and agreements such as those today will allow us to achieve that goal and connect the entire country through electric chargers,” stated Elisabetta Ripa, CEO of Enel X Way.


More than 10 years after the first milestone in electro mobility in Latin America

Latin America’s first electric station was installed in Santiago in April of 2011, under the alliance between Enel, Marubeni (Nissan), and Petrobras Chile, marking the starting point for electromobility in the country, at a time when there were few electric vehicles. With this important milestone, we set off down the road towards e-mobility in the country, from which there is no turning back.


The installation was conducted at the Petrobras service station located on the corner of Américo Vespucio and Vitacura, allowing the first electric cars on Santiago’s roads to be charged in just 30 minutes, with a guaranteed initial autonomy of 130 kilometers.


The installation was carried out at the Petrobras service station, located on Américo Vespucio and Vitacura, and allowed the first electric cars circulating in Santiago to be charged in just 30 minutes, guaranteeing an initial range of 130 kilometres. Advances in technology mean that today's electric cars have larger capacity batteries, extending their range to over 450 kilometres, and charging up to 80% in less than 20 minutes with these fast chargers.


To date, Enel X Way has nearly 350 electric chargers already installed in the country, thanks to different public-private partnerships.


About Enel X Way

Enel X Way is a new company within the Enel Group, focused entirely on e-mobility. Enel X Way currently operates in sixteen countries and manages more than 380,000 recharging points under interoperability agreements in force throughout the world. As a global platform for e-mobility, Enel X Way focuses on the development of flexible charging technologies and solutions to enhance the customer experience, enabling the electrification of transport for consumers, companies, cities, and public administrations.