June 28, 2022

Enel X Way selected by Florida Power & Light to provide utility customers smart electric vehicle chargers with affordable, unlimited off-peak electricity

  • New partnership underscores need for low-cost residential EV chargers to support mainstream EV adoption

SAN CARLOS, Calif., June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Enel X Way announced the company has been selected by Florida Power & Light (FPL) to support the FPL EVolution Home program. Through the program, FPL utility customers can receive an Enel X Way JuiceBox Level 2 smart electric vehicle (EV) charger for a $31 fixed monthly fee, if a customer already has a permitted 240-volt circuit or a $38 fixed monthly fee if a customer needs a 240-volt circuit. Included in that fee is unlimited off-peak renewable electricity for charging as well as the cost of the charger, plus all installation, engineering and permitting costs.


To be eligible for the program, FPL residential customers must own or lease an EV, own and live in a single-family home with an attached garage, and have access to Wi-Fi in the charging location. In addition to the convenience of charging at home, the FPL EVolution Home program also provides customers with:


  • Increased range confidence & faster charge times: Up to 60 miles of range per hour and only 4 to 7 hours to fully charge most EVs.
  • Lower charging costs: Unlimited off-peak renewable electricity on weeknights and weekends and up to $579 in annual fuel cost savings compared to conventional vehicles.
  • Reduced emissions: 8,000 pounds less CO2 per year compared to conventional vehicles.


Recognized by CNET and Car and Driver as "Best EV Charger Overall for 2022," the Enel X Way JuiceBox Level 2 EV charger is grid-connected, meaning it utilizes off-peak charging to help balance the grid, delivering energy cost savings that allow EV owners to maximize their investments. The award-winning JuiceBox chargers are also compact, weatherproof and recharge EVs up to 12 times faster than other charging equipment, providing owners with a best-in-class charging experience.


"As an experienced partner that's helped dozens of utilities, thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of consumers take advantage of smart EV charging solutions, Enel X Way is honored to partner with Florida Power & Light and scale affordable residential EV smart charging to their customers across the state," said Chris Baker, Head of Enel X Way North America. "If there's one takeaway we can gather from the rapid growth of the EV market, it's the United States is approaching an EV tipping point, meaning now is the time to explore what consumer EV incentive options are available to you."


Through the FPL EVolution Home program, the JuiceBox chargers will be programmed to charge automatically whenever low-cost renewable electricity is available. These smart charging stations will also capture data to provide FPL with valuable learnings and insights around customers' charging behaviors and preferences, including:


  • Scalability: Reliable and extensible EV charging network to accommodate the growth of electric transportation in the service territory
  • Power quality evaluation: Information on customer charging behavior and grid impacts of EV adoption
  • Equipment performance and materials longevity: Effects of accumulating charging sessions and exposure to Florida environmental conditions
  • Customer satisfaction: Feedback on charger placement, availability, segment/type and billing mechanism
  • Pilot program insights: Opportunities to expand the EV charging program, enhance service and reduce costs
  • Open network protocol: Lower risk of assets stranded due to proprietary hardware, software or communication protocols
  • Branding and data ownership: Co-branding (or white label) and full data ownership


To participate, FPL customers must complete a three-step enrollment and installation process, starting with confirming eligibility through a brief questionnaire. For more information about the new program and Enel X Way's EV chargers, visit fpl.com and evcharging.enelx.com/products.


About Enel X Way North America

Enel X Way is a global leader in smart electric vehicle charging solutions with over 320,000 charging ports worldwide, including roaming agreements. As a subsidiary of Fortune 200 renewable energy leader, the Enel Group, Enel X Way is committed to providing smart mobility solutions for drivers, businesses and partners to make driving electric simple. Enel X Way's flagship home charging station, the JuiceBox, has been named the "Best EV Charger Overall" in 2022 by CNET and Car and Driver. For more information, please visit our Enel X Way North American website here and follow us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook @enelxwayna.