August 24, 2018

eMotorWerks announces certification with ENERGY STAR for energy efficient JuiceBox electric vehicle chargers

eMotorWerks and its JuiceBox line of smart-grid EVSE granted ENERGY STAR certification for using energy efficiently


San Carlos, Calif., USA, August 24, 2018 -- eMotorWerks, a subsidiary of the Enel Group’s new advanced energy services division Enel X, and the leading manufacturer of smart-grid EV charging technology, today announced their JuiceBox electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) has earned ENERGY STAR certification. The JuiceBox EVSE, powered by the IoT platform JuiceNet, monitors electricity rates and energy markets to find the most affordable times to charge. By scheduling charging when demand is low and availability of renewable energy on the grid is greatest, the platform reduces costs and reduces charging during energy demand spikes.


“As EV growth continues in North America, it only makes sense that our charging technology is energy efficient and doesn’t negatively impact our power grid,” said Val Miftakhov, Head of eMotorWerks. “Our certification through ENERGY STAR serves as another layer of recognition towards our mission of a cleaner and more efficient charging solution. We will continue to educate our customers and partners on the importance of energy efficient EV charging.”


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administers the ENERGY STAR program, which independently certifies products that use energy efficiently. Recently, EV charging solution providers worked with the EPA to develop efficiency standards for EV charging stations, and ENERGY STAR certified EV charging stations use 40 percent less energy than those that are not certified when not charging. ENERGY STAR certified companies and products are encouraged to work towards helping their customers improve efficiency and promote an organization-wide energy management approach to help enhance financial health and aid in preserving the environment for future generations.


Alongside residential use, top-rated JuiceBox EVSE can also be found through state and utility programs such as Sonoma Clean Power’s Driver EverGreen program which distributed over 2,000 free JuiceBox chargers to participants, and Xcel Energy who installed chargers in select residential homes. Honda’s SmartCharge Program is also powered by the eMotorWerks cloud software, JuiceNet, providing smart charging for Honda Fit EVs.