March 23, 2018 opens first electric vehicle charging station manufacturing facility in Ontario in partnership with eMotorWerks, establishing 100 new jobs

  • Companies celebrate the grand opening of Greater Toronto Area EV manufacturing facility dedicated to the manufacture of up to 40,000 eMotorWerks JuiceBox charging stations annually


Markham, Ontario Canada, - March 23, 2018 -- The partnership between smart-grid electric vehicle charging leader eMotorWerks, an Enel company, and continues to grow with today’s grand opening of Ontario's first manufacturing facility focused on the manufacture of electric vehicle charging stations. The facility in Markham will establish 100 new manufacturing jobs in the region within the next 3 years. At maximum capacity, the facility will produce 40,000 annually eMotorWerks JuiceBox charging stations for sale in Canada. is Canada’s leading EV infrastructure supplier and installer, as well as an exclusive eMotorWerks Canadian manufacturer and distributor.


Speaking at the ribbon cutting ceremony were dignitaries from a range of community and industry stakeholders, including the Minister of Economic Development and Growth The Honourable Steven Del Duca, the Minister of International Trade the Honourable Michael Chan, the Mayor of Markham Frank Scarpitti, President and CEO, Plug'n Drive Cara Clairman, Founder and CEO, eMotorWerks Val Miftakhov, PhD, and Founder and CEO of Gleb Nikiforov.


“Ontario’s centralized location makes it a perfect location for scaling Canada’s green economy, and that requires scalable EV solutions such as those from eMotoWerks,” said Gleb Nikiforov, CEO of “By manufacturing JuiceNet chargers here we’re not only bringing new green jobs to the region, but expanding the future of EVs in Canada as a whole.”


“New green technology such as the strides seen by eMotorWerks are not only helping us combat the effects of climate change and reduce emissions on our streets, they are also creating new jobs to boost our local and regional economy, said Steven Del Duca Minister of Economic Development and Growth. “This new facility will serve as a catalyst for new opportunities and new careers throughout Ontario, and we’re very excited to welcome the new facility and watch its growth in Ontario and beyond.”


“Innovation in clean energy is important not only in Canada but throughout the world,” said Michael Chan, Minister of International Trade. “That’s why it’s exciting that the facility isn’t only creating EV chargers for Canadian drivers, but for US based drivers as well. National and international collaboration is key to pushing forward our collective clean energy ideals, as well as strengthening economic ties.”


By partnering with eMotorWerks customers have access to cloud-connected and intelligent charging stations (EVSE) using the JuiceBox charging hardware and Wi-Fi and cloud-connected JuiceNet software platform. With JuiceNet-enabled smart grid optimizations, EV drivers enjoy optimized renewable energy generation by tapping into periods of maximum solar and wind generation to charge their EVs. In certain geographies, drivers can also receive smart grid incentives which leverage scheduled charging. As eMotorWerks charging stations are adopted throughout Canada, regional utilities can also benefit by leveraging the smart-grid charging stations to shape electrical load, aggregate and shift EV charging load to off-peak times of the day, and improve grid reliability overall by better managing energy ramps and other peak demand from EV charging on the grid.


“Today marks a significant milestone in our partnership with and in our efforts to bring the leading EV charging products to EV drivers worldwide,” said Valery Miftakhov, founder and CEO of eMotorWerks. “Together, we are offering Canadians the best smart-charging products to power the impressive EV adoption growth across the country and establishing skilled labor jobs to the people of greater Toronto.”


“ is a welcome addition to Ontario’s growing clean tech economy. By creating new jobs and new opportunities in this important sector, we are ensuring that Ontario remains prosperous and competitive in today’s evolving marketplace. Today’s announcement is a testament to the strength of our province as a suitable place for continued auto innovation and advanced manufacturing in order to generate new investments and economic opportunities for the people we proudly represent.” The Honourable Steven Del Duca, Minister of Economic Development and Growth.


“This partnership between eMotorWerks and is an excellent example of what can be gained from international cooperation. This facility will be supplying electric vehicle charging stations not only for Canada, but potentially for the United States, strengthening economic ties between our countries.” The Honourable Michael Chan, Minister of International Trade.


“The addition of’s manufacturing facility, combined with Ontario’s world class electric vehicle incentive program and the world’s first Electric Vehicle Discovery Centre, further strengthens Ontario’s position as a North American leader in the electric vehicle industry.” Cara Clairman, President and CEO, Plug’n Drive.