May 10, 2022

Stable and Enel X Way partner to optimize EV charging site selection

SAN FRANCISCO May 10, 2022 (Business Wire) — Stable, which analyzes electric vehicle charging usage for prospective charging site locations using proprietary prediction software, has been selected by Enel X Way, the Enel Group's global smart e-mobility platform, to provide deep insights on where charging stations are needed most. Using Stable’s Software, Enel X will expand its network of EV charging stations across North America by arming businesses and municipalities with data-driven predictions and helping them to make the most informed decisions on charging site viability at any given location.


Stable’s Machine Learning models analyze millions of real-life charging sessions from thousands of EV chargers to understand how factors such as traffic, EV sales, income, and nearby attractions impact site utilization. Stable’s software builds all of that knowledge into a straightforward interface so that anyone can quickly understand how new sites will perform, as well as detailed analysis of demand for EV charging.


“As EV sales continue to skyrocket, the number of new EV drivers is outpacing the number of new EV charging stations,” says Elise Benoit, Head of Marketing and Commercial Communications of Enel X Way North America“Improving access to EV charging infrastructure is critical to accelerating transportation electrification. As Enel X Way expands its EV charging station network across North America, the insights Stable’s software provides are key to identifying where charging stations are most needed, helping our customers make more informed decisions and better support larger decarbonization efforts.”


“We’re honored to help Enel X Way and its customers solve the highly complex profitability puzzle of where to prioritize charging station deployments across large portfolios, before millions of dollars are spent to install them,” says Stable co-founder and CEO Rohan Puri“By providing access to up-to-date EV penetration rates, charging competition nearby, and even our overall predicted charger usage, we’re collectively setting up the next generation of charging stations for success.”


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About Enel X Way North America

Enel X Way is a global leader in smart electric vehicle charging solutions with over 320,000 charging ports worldwide, including roaming agreements. As a subsidiary of Fortune 200 renewable energy leader, the Enel Group, Enel X Way is committed to providing smart mobility solutions for drivers, businesses and partners to make driving electric simple. Enel X Way's flagship home charging station, the JuiceBox, has been named the "best EV charger overall" in 2022 by CNET Roadshow. For more information, please visit our Enel X Way North American website here and follow us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.


About Stable Auto

Stable accelerates investments in EV infrastructure by making them predictable and effective, paving the way for EV adoption in every corner of the globe. Stable’s enterprise software platform–powered by comprehensive datasets from thousands of EV chargers across the United States and precision machine learning–solved a major roadblock to widespread EV adoption, demonstrating for the first time that not only can EV charging be predicted, it can be improved by carefully optimizing energy rates, equipment size, and location. Now, anyone can make informed decisions about EV infrastructure before chargers are even installed, to make multi-million dollar investments profitable and improve the chances of a more sustainable future for transportation. Stable is currently working with major utilities, charging networks, banks, and infrastructure developers across the U.S.