Restaurant & franchise EV charging

Charging while you eat & drink

Attract & retain customers with EV charging as an amenity

As more drivers switch to electric vehicles every year, demand for EV charging stations is surging. Installing EV charging at restaurants is not only a smart way to support sustainability goals, it is a must-have customer amenity that EV drivers are coming to expect. By 2025, electric vehicles will make up 10% of all car sales. EV drivers need parking options that support electric transportation and help create a seamless visitor experience that will attract EV drivers and turn them into loyal customers.


Restaurants and franchises can increase customer dwell time and increase revenue, while keeping operating costs low. Charging an EV typically takes at least 30 minutes. Customers recharging an EV are likely to stay at your restaurant longer and purchase more food and beverages.

Take advantage of EV charging incentives

Federal, state, and local rebates and funding are available to commercial customers

Turnkey restaurant charging solutions

UL and Energy Star certified, made in North America & powered by JuiceNet software

JuiceBox Pro: Faster Level 2 charging, same compact footprint

JuiceBox Pro in charging state

Create revenue streams with EV charging

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