October 16, 2023

JuiceBox smart chargers to have a NACS connector option in 2024

Tesla Model 3 charging with an NACS connector

The North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector, which spent more than a decade as Tesla's proprietary charging connector, is rapidly becoming the new American standard for EV charging.


The journey to NACS

Until 2022, the J1772 was the uncontested standard for Level 1 and 2 EV charging in the US. Rolled out in 1996, the J1772 offered a safe, reliable and easily manufactured way to charge EVs using alternating current (AC).


Fifteen years later a combined charging system (CCS) was proposed, which paired the J1772’s five pins with two larger direct current (DC) pins. The CCS further simplified public EV charging: the CCS inlet could be installed on EVs in place of one port for the J1772 and a second for DC fast charging. That meant EV drivers didn’t have to fuss over which plug went where.


Aside from Tesla, almost all North American EVs came with the CCS inlet, and almost all non-Tesla chargers had either J1772 connectors or CCS connectors, depending on the charging speed. The NACS connector, also referred to as the Tesla connector, uses just one plug for all charging speeds.


By eliminating the need for different plugs for slow and fast charging, the NACS connector is a step forward in EV charging simplicity.


How the Tesla connector became the North America Charging Standard

In November 2022, Tesla named their charging connector the North American Charging Standard and relinquished control of it, adding it to the list of open standards in the EV industry. Now General Motors, Ford, Fisker, Rivian, Polestar, Volvo, Nissan and Mercedes-Benz have all announced their intention to switch their North American EVs to the NACS plug as late as 2025.


Vehicles with NACS ports will want to find NACS connectors to avoid having to carry around adaptors, which is why Enel X Way will soon offer Level 2 and DC fast chargers with NACS connectors for our JuiceBox products.


Enel X Way’s JuiceBox chargers will offer NACS connectors

In 2024, JuiceBox products will start to offer a J1772 or a NACS connector. JuiceBox is available in multiple amperages and for home or commercial use to charge all electric vehicles. For Tesla EV owners and prospective buyers, this will mean having access to charge a Tesla without an adapter.


The NACS JuiceBox Pro will allow organizations to offer more flexible, futureproofed charging. With so many vehicle manufacturers switching to NACS, but still tens of thousands of CCS vehicles on the road and more being sold every year, organizations will be able to pair NACS chargers and J1772 chargers across a larger network of chargers, or choose the connector that meets the needs of an EV fleet.


The NACS JuiceBox Pro will also be California Type Evaluation Program (CTEP) compliant when paired with the JuicePedestal—our free-standing JuiceBox Pro mount—and Enel X Way credit card reader (CCR). That means anyone charging there can be sure they’re getting precisely the kWh of charge being displayed on the charger.

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