April 20, 2023

Fortune features Enel X Way's plan to add 10,000 DC fast chargers across North America

Fortune features Enel X Way's commitment to deploy over 2 million charge ports in North America by 2030, include more than 10,000 public DC fast chargers.


“It seems audacious, but it’s a fairly logical jump,” Chris Baker, Enel X Way’s head of North America, told Executive Editor Peter Vanham over the phone. The company already sold over 170,000 of its JuiceBox home and business chargers. Going from 170,000 to 2 million over a decade, is “a nice evolution, not rocket science,” he said.


Chris Baker points out the necessity of charging companies to make long-term investments as the EV transition is bottlenecked by a lower density of charging infrastructure compared to Europe, particularly DC fast chargers. Enel X Way is able to draw on global expertise as its main advantage in expanding infrastructure, including partnerships  with Volkswagen, McDonald's and energy providers such as Petrobras.


Los Angeles-based cleantech investor Alex Mitchell says politics are affecting the industry, giving foreign companies an edge. “Call it ESG or whatever, the whole topic of sustainability is still a partisan topic in the U.S., in a way it is absolutely not in Europe,” he said.  It has meant that “in the corporate industrial space, European firms are generally advantaged over their U.S. counterparts,” Mitchell said.


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